Flow Systems Inc.

FOUNDED IN 1986, Flow Systems Inc. designs, manufactures, and supports flow measurement components and integrated test systems.

From individual flow meters to complete test systems that can easily integrate with your information systems, Flow Systems produces the full range of products for flow measurement and control.

LOCATED AT 220 Bunyan Avenue, Flow Systems has expanded and renovated over the years and now occupies 21,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space. Their manufacturing capabilities include both CNC and manual milling as well as turning operations and Waterjet services. Lathes range from tool room size to a swing of 36 inches. ASME certified welding and most finishing operations are performed onsite. Since they began providing precision flow measurement hardware, Flow Systems has had the opportunity to expand their services globally and are now serving customers in North and South America, Europe, North Africa, Middle East
and Asia Pacific.

THE COMPANY has over 35 employees and primarily serves the aerospace, automotive, energy, metrology, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas industries.

220 Bunyan Avenue, Berthoud, CO, 80513
970.532.0617 | 800.466.3659